English programmes

Nowadays, English communication is crucial in education and also in daily business transactions. Thus, we offer various English training programmes to meet the demand of students, working adults and professionals. Since 2006, around 5,950 students and participants have benefited from our programmes. Intensive English Course (IEC) is designed to improve students’ communication and academic writing skills. While General English Course (GEC), English for Workplace (EFW) and English for Communication (EFC) are catered for working adults and professionals. The courses are offered at UTMSPACE and can also be tailor made according to your organisations’ requirements.

- General English Course (GEC)
- Intensive English Course (IEC)
- Malaysian University English Test (MUET)
- English For Workplace (EFW)
- English for Communication (EFC):
1.Negotiation and Influencing Skills
2.Essential Selling Skills
3.Effective People Skills
4.Effective Communication
5.Instructional English in Management